Anna-Mari Vierikko is a graduate from University of Art and Design, Helsinki and Helsinki University. She works as a designer, artist and teacher in arts and media.

Works of Anna-Mari Vierikko deal with the experience of time and being and the dialogue of spirit and matter. She strives for creating order and beauty in chaos to counterbalance the limits of our existence.


Käpy (Cone) -lamp collection is hand-made from the paper folding.

Longing for peace and nature in opposition to urban lifestyle created Käpy-collection. Käpy-lamps have the feel of ”authentic” atmosphere, slowing down and silence. Slowness, the meditative repetition of the simple elements, is underlined in the process of manufacturing the lamps. The shape of the Käpy reminds us simultaneously of the old and the new and respects Finnish landscape, our “the softwood cathedrals” that radiates peace of mind.

Finnish culture has its roots in forest. It is our cathedral, and a source of contemplation, creativity, piety, health and well being. Finnish design is present at Käpy.

Käpy is a modern, simple, beautiful – and above all a Finnish product. Käpy was selected to Finnish Design Yearbook 2010-2011 and Finnish exhibition at Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2011 in South Korea, in which Käpy received a honorable mention. Käpy was also awarded with Ornamo  Foundation grant in 2011.